Our Teachers


Narihito Matsunaga

  • In 1989, Nari moved to Piccadilly Circus from Sendai City in Japan to work in a Japanese restaurant.

  • In 1993 he left the restaurant he started off in, and moved on to a Japanese supermarket that used to be in Colindale, London.

  • In 1997 he was recruited to work for Tomen Foods in Acton, London, to manage a factory that supplied the likes of Waitrose, Sainsbury's, and Marks & Spencer.

  • After setting up his own company in late 1999, he helped set up 41 restaurants and 6 factories, in the EU, Northern Europe, and the Middle East.


Yoshie Matsunaga

Yoshie used to work in one of the largest sushi restaurant chains in Japan, then later went on to manage a branch of a major Western-style restaurant chain. She'd been managing restaurants for almost a decade, when she was called to the UK by her husband. Cooking is one of her major passions, and she'll share some of her wisdom with you in these courses.


Other team member.


Hiroo Matsunaga

Holds English and TEFL degree from Coventry University, and a Cambridge English teaching certificate (CELTA). Made the website, and manages it along with all other technology to do with the buisness. Is an audiophile and a PC builder, and likes to cook experimentally. Also does admin work.