Testimonials from some of our Allumni

My husband bought me a voucher for a sushi lesson for my birthday - one of the best presents ever!! He came with me as we enjoy working together in the kitchen. Nari and Yoshie welcomed us to the their home and were very patient and thorough in their teaching. We learned so much in just 3 hours, and we came away with a goodie bag and 2 big trays of sushi - fantastic 😊

We are both vegetarian and gluten free, and we also requested a few extra dishes to learn. Nari adjusted the course contents to accommodate us and we very much appreciate this. We would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to introduce Japanese cooking and flavours to their diets.
“Have you wanted to learn the skill to make the most wonderful sushi yourself in your own kitchen? Look no further than one of the best kept secrets in North London. Yoshi and Nari Matsunaga are true masters of the art and patiently guide you through the minutest details of successful cooking of sushi rice and then how to make and assemble the most authentic forms of traditional sushi. From just half a day in the privacy of their beautiful Japanese home you emerge feeling confident and furnished with the art and right ingredients and you are fully competent to make and assemble beautiful platters of sushi. In fact you will have just made this sushi yourself to take home at the end of the day to enjoy the admiration of all your friends who can share your feast and your new found skill. It feels like being admitted into an elite club and you get the certificate to prove it.”
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Having a passion for food and cookery and spending my whole career involved with food production, I decided it was long overdue to learn how to prepare sushi. What appears as a consumer, relatively simplistic in looks, there lies a hidden art form that takes years of practise to perfect. Having only two and a half hours, I wanted to get the best out of my time. Nari and Yoshie welcomed me into their home with open arms - we covered the basics of rice preparation, washing and cooking to fish and vegetable preparation. I asked a multitude of questions which were capably answered and I found many things about the process increased my love and passion of the Japanese art. I was amazed about the meticulous way of cutting the fish, spreading the wasabi and even dipping the fish into soya. I rolled my sleeves up and was expected to take part in all stages.
At the end, I was presented with what had been assembled to take home for a “tea from heaven”! And also a goodie bag full of bits to get me started on my own! I would like to thank Nari and Yoshie for sharing their professionalism and expertise. The course was informative, hands-on and dare I say the best fun I have had in ages. It totally prepares you to be able to go home and replicate what was covered and I was even presented with a certificate to prove my new-found skill. I have since made a lot of my friends very jealous!