Sweets you should try when you’re in Japan- Part 2

Japan loves Sundaes, or as they call it ‘pafe'

In Japan there are many ‘western style’ deserts that borrow names from western deserts, but are quite different from the originals. Such an example is the ‘pafe’, a desert ubiquitous in restaurants and cafes across Japan. This ‘pafe’ is a descendant of the French ‘parfait’, which is quite similar in concept to a sundae. There are many others that fit this description, such as the Japanese short cake, but these are a matter for a later blog.

Senbikiya Melon Pafe

Some varieties of melon are very expensive in Japan, so while the official king of fruits is the durian, I think the melon should have that title. This pafe accentuates the deliciousness of melon perfectly, so is recommended for fruit lovers.


Royal Milk tea Pafe from the Lipton Tea Room

Image [13].jpg

Lipton (yes, the Nestle tea brand), are the ones who invented what’s known as ‘Royal Milk tea’, which is tea with sugar and cream, rather than milk. This is their royal milk tea pafe, which is essentially a tea flavoured sundae. It has a refined taste, so you should try it if you’re ever in Kyoto, where the Lipton Tea Room is located.


Cafe Enzo in Saitama City- Frozen Yogurt Mango Jar Cake

Image [15].jpg

Located about 10 minutes away from Kawaguchi Station, is Cafe Enzo. This was one my daughter wanted to go to, so we decided to go a little further out than usual. It’s a small establishment at the end of a shopping street, and offers burgers and tacos at relatively low prices. The frozen mango jar cake is served in a mason jar, and is sweetened modestly, making it a perfect pick-me-up on a hot day.

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